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Discover the best hair transplant Marbella with the guarantee of expert doctors, and the best method of capillary bioimplantaton, the innovative Bio/ FUE combined with regenerative stimulation of both the donor area and the recipient area.

The FUE method, or “Follicular Unit extraction“, is well known in the USA and European countries, including Spain for several years, and has the purpose of avoiding the scars and traces that other methods usually leave in the hair donor area of ​​the patient. A previous evaluation by the surgeon will determine the follicles that can be extracted from the donor area, according to the interest and desires of the patient. FUE method avoids the scars that the removal of an entire strip causes.

Hair implant procedure

The hair implant session is done with surgeons and expert technicians, the hours of the procedure will depend on the number of extractions and implants to be performed, this will be determined during consultation with the patient in the first evaluation. (Evaluation online can be possible).

Hair implant the procedure is by means of a micro scalpel of different diameters, which make small, barely noticeable, incisions (that heal in 1 or two days without leaving a scar) where the follicles will be implanted. The donor area will remain as it looked previously. The donor area is where the follicles are extracted, the area at the back of the scalp where there can be ample donor. Each follicle can have several hairs. Once extracted, they are preserved in a specific serum to be implanted in the determined area.

The procedure is pain-free and is in no way invasive at all.
Grafting is combined with revitalizer bio-stimulation, for quick recovery and faster hair growth.



Hair mesotherapy is advised after evaluating a patient, and verifying the need for it.

On many occasions, weak hair needs a boost of vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc.

Some people suffer from hair loss or some type of disease that may correspond to a certain type of alopecia.

For this reason, the best thing is a first assessment with the specialist doctor, so that he can recommend the most appropriate in each case.

Mesotherapy hair is one of the techniques that help the most, they can stop hair loss, activate blood flow, and with the appropriate components, they can stop hair loss, balance health and promote healthy hair growth.

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