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Cancer patients need personalized attention, because each person is unique and extraordinary. Our philosophy is the comprehensive treatment of cancer disease, not only addressing comprehensive care in which you can find all the care that the disease demands, but also caring for the patient’s body at a systemic and global level, with a personalized and human dedication.

The combination of different tools, with an Innovative medical treatments without side effects to treat the disease, or to support the conventional oncological treatments, wich patient can be undergoing, helping to eliminate the side effects that conventionaltherapy could be causing, and boosting immunity, improving the quality of life and promoting the best results.

Nanothermia Marbella

*Nanothermia,* is the evolution of the well-known* Local Hyperthermia, * it is based on nanotechnology. As a cancer therapy, it has been used in 34 countries for more than 25 years. Cellumed Clinic received National Award as an Oncology Clinic in Spain, for being pioneers and because of our oncology medical team, being the first to be trained in this therapy. This is why today, we are a reference clinic for Hispanic countries.

Hyperthermia, is one of the oldest cancer treatment methods. Unlike conventional Hyperthermia, however, Nanothermia, does more than simply warm. It activates 4 steps of cellular selection, a molecular shock that causes nano heating “only ” in interior cancer cells.

The electric field increase the temperature “inside of the malignant cells” producing apoptosis (natural cell death), without damaging any healthy cells or tissue, without side effects.

*Medical and therapeutic benefits: *

*Nanothermia,* when used as complementary treatment along with traditional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or immunotherapy,it can significantly improve conditions of patient, complet remision included depending state of patient, It prolong their survival and enhance their quality of life. This claim is backed by numerous scientific publications in many countries. It also can be used alone such as monotherapy, if the patient does not resist the conventional treatment.

There is a database where we can see, up to 250% better proven results, in the treatment of many tumours, when cancer therapy is combined with Nanothermia.

*At Cellumed clinic we provide the patient with other tools such as :*Cell analysis to discover and eliminate risk factors in the body, basic biochemical analysis, tumour markers…etc. And Special analyses such as: genetic tests, mineralograms, heavy metal tests, food intolerance… Focusing on a personalized nutrition, and complementary therapies, like iV vitamins, detox , oxigenation and other biological tools, always without side effects,

*Our target is * to treat the malignan tumors but helping to stop the possible spread, and increasing energy and the immune system of the patient.

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